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More and more people are becoming conscious about the effect that individual companies have on the world around us. This has forced investment managers to start considering whether they should invest in those companies or not. It has also caused companies, such as Woolworths, to seperate out those types of assets (alcohol and gambling) away from their core business.This has created a much larger range of options for investors than ever before, that can take into account your individual  considerations.

But first, there are a number of different terms used for what more broadly come under the banner of "Ethical" investments. Some of these are Sustainability, Socially Responsible, Stewardship, ESG and SRI. They may not all take your individual priorities into account, but at least you know that these managers are starting to consider these sorts of things.

We deal with a number of fund managers that meet all of these descriptions and they have varying requirements ranging from excluding a few specific indutries such as gambling, tobacco and armaments, through to exlcuding many industries and specifically seeking out companies that have a positive impact on society. And there is no longer a need to sacrifice a good investment return in the search of a better world. Some of these managers are at the top end of performance, irrespective of taking ethical considerations into account.

So if you would like to join many of our clients in taking a stance to invest in a way that helps our environment and improves the world that we live in, we would be happy to help.

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