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 Our Services

While it would be wonderful to be able to help everyone, commercial reality means that we can't. We don't have a minimum amount of money that clients need to deal with us, but we do have minimum fees that we charge.


This means that for some people it is just not feasible to receive advice from us and that is the unfortunate result of the regulatory environment that all financial planners work in. The amount of time that it takes to provide good advice and meet all the legislative requirements has increased dramatically in recent years. Therefore our minimum fee to provide a comprehensive Statement of Advice covering your whole situation is $3,300.

We can provide strategy advice in the following areas:


  • Superannuation (including SMSFs)


  •  Pre, Post & Transition to Retirement Strategies


  • Social Security Advice (Dept. of Human Services – ex Centrelink)




  • Estate Planning


  • Investment Advice (including shares & managed funds)


  • Insurance and Risk Management


  • Investment Structures


  •  Portfolio Management Review


  •  Taxation Planning (in consultation with your tax adviser)

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